Commission Pleasure

I get so much pleasure out of creating commissioned art for clients.
There is an extra special bond that takes place as we discuss and collaborate on what they want and how I think it can be created. It also gave us something fun to think about in this dark time.

I just finished a piece; a recreation of a previous original work of mine for a new friend in Hawaii. Selling art is always a thrill but that pleasure is compounded when you get to hear the build up and excitement through them, as they anticipate meeting their new work of art. 

  I was brought into my client’s life in a way which never would have happened had it not been through art. The only unfortunate thing is to know that she has two daughters and only one will inherit the piece some day.  Maybe we will reconnect for another commission down the road…

Either way I am happy to now call her a friend.

’The BHH’ is inspired by the wallpaper of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, where we both had so many memories individually. Her husband had the most intriguing ones having been a BH fireman for years and getting outlandish calls into the ultra private rooms and Bungalows.


Like most of my art, this is an original Mixed media and oil on canvas work.  

My work is very layered; it may start with a found blueprint, vintage clothing pattern or collage.  
My client, Adrienne, picked out the "Vogue" pattern very quickly and loved how it reminded her of her mother and how much sewing she did when Adrienne was young.  In turn we talked about these old memories and my background in fashion.

I then add various mediums, paint and other textures like sand and encaustic medium or even sawdust for a sumptuous visual experience that reveals itself the longer you live with it. 

Stay tuned for new collections of work such as my "Voyeur" series and the collaboration I am working on with artist S.P. Harper….
With love, art and health,
De Camille
Cool Art House