Cool Art House Fundraiser with Feeding America for Covid-19 PRESS RELEASE

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For Immediate Release Press Release:

 Cool Art House is set to donate up to 50% of art sales to Feeding America during the Covid-19 Pandemic.   Keep our artists working, help during this crisis, and get cool art to keep your spirits up! April 15, 2020 - Cool Art House, a hip online art gallery announces their way of contributing to the Covid-19 Pandemic and will be donating up to 50% of art sales to Feeding America. Cool Art House was designed as a single destination for every Art Collector’s budget; from the newbie, to the established Art Collector who is looking for new up and coming artists.   In search of an art piece, they offer originals and customizable giclee reproductions on paper, metal, or wood. One of the coolest features of the site is that customers can preview their potential art investment up on their own wall before they purchase, with a cutting-edge virtual technology called Augmented Reality.   “I am your curator, De Camille, and one of the many artists in this online art gallery. Presently, I have turned my attention to our current global situation, while at the same time, keeping this creative enterprise going. I want to support my artist peers and help those around us struggling to find meals. We are all in this together and we are all being affected in different ways.  Some have it much harder than others.” Says De Camille.   During this unprecedented time, Cool Art House has pledged to donate a large portion of their Art Sales to Feeding America; keeping people eating, artists working and collecting cool art for those walls you have been staring at!   Cool Art House brings you obscure artists from around the world at affordable prices. Stay connected as they introduce new artists in this virtual gallery. “I am an artist first and foremost and I have a passion for finding artists who are edgy, sexy, sensual and whose art; ranging from Parisian gilt and opulence; jungle foliage to abstract minimalism, vibe with people.” Says De Camille. Take a virtual tour from the comforts of your own home, and feel great about your art investment.  WIN - WIN - WIN! For more information kindly visit:                                                           

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