My Gilty Pleasure

Salut! Let me take you to Paris with my Art Show...

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                MY GILTY PLEASURE de Camille


This collection of work De Camille is inspired by the layers of our identities; our personal and communal experience. Framed in gold and gilt, this collection is unabashedly feminine with references to romantic Paris. A strong theme in her work is the iconic female form.  For ten thousand years we have been haunted and inspired by the dazzling mother/ goddess/ temptress/ angel. Her work is a synthesis of Pop Culture through a dream-like state. Her technique is layered; it may start with the collaging of a Blue Print or other images to set the scene and create the ambiance for the structure of the work.  She experiments with various mediums to create altered states time and dimension via texture such as; saw dust, paint medium; egg yolk; tea bags; paper; found objects, giving the pieces a retro and timeless lure.

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  A native Angeleno, De Camille attended the Lycee Francais at age six and went on to study art and fashion at the Paris American Academy and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris where she had a one-woman sell-out show in Montmartre.  The world of the French Cabaret has continued to inspire her work.  There is a sense of the collector and traveler in her work having lived abroad for five years.  From the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and Grenada to Paris and Bath UK, she takes from the past to update it through her unique and quirky lens. She regularly shows throughout Los Angeles though now resides in a lush green suburb of Portland called Happy Valley with her young family, which has made her very happy!
 Her original, collectible work can be found throughout:

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         Art Nouveau, Paris
               16.5" x 34.5"

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           Le Style Francais
                  23" x 27"