Surrealism and Pop Artist - Arthur

Showcasing Surrealist Pop Artist Arthur


   Cool Art House is a virtual space, yet the art within is real, tangible and created by so many types of artists; from different walks of life. Artists create these realities, and we have the freedom to play different characters through our work.
  I have known the French Surrealist Pop artist, Arthur, since about 2001 first as a musician and as the son of a great artist named Dominique. I have been captivated by his transformation into a fine artist. I am proud to have secured him a show in a downtown Los Angeles gallery and have been promoting his work since.  I caught up with him recently and asked him about his work.  I wanted to share our brief conversation with you.  

Camille: Hey Arthur, I wanted to let out friends, family and fans learn more about you!  Tell us about your background and what you are up to lately?  When did you arrive in the U.S. to live?

Arthur: I’m a French artist and music composer/producer. I moved from Paris to Los Angeles in 2010. Besides working on my own music projects, I teach music production at a Musicians Institute in Hollywood. When I’m not doing music, I paint and I draw.

Camille: How do you work and with what mediums?

Arthur: I like to work on a flat surface, although I occasionally use an easel when I work on bigger pieces. I use mainly acrylic painting, ink and color pencils on paper on canvas.

Camille: How were you trained?

Arthur: I’m a classically trained musician with several years spent at the conservatory in Paris. I also developed my skills as an electronic music producer in my own home studio, with a passion for many different genres. I have always used painting and drawing as an alternative way to express myself, both art and music nourishing each other.

Camille: What themes do you pursue?

Arthur: The connection of human with the urban and natural environments, solitude, the musicality of shapes and colors, the rhythm and dynamism of graphic design.

Camille: What can't you live without?

Arthur: Music, Art and my connection with outdoors both urban and natural.

Originals and Reproductions of Arthur's work are available to be viewed and purchased online at and in person in Culver City by appointment. 

The work of his father Dominique can be seen here:

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