Third Coasts Chats IGTV Live with S.P. Harper

In case you missed it, here is a link to the 

Cool Art House artist, S.P. Harper interviewed on 

Third Coast Chats on Instagram with Benjamin Guttery
of Third Coast Gems.

If you have not yet had a chance to read the article she was featured in alongside some of the great Contemporary Gemstone Artists of our time, you may do so here. The article was written by new friend and Jewel Content Creator and Storyteller, Benjamin Guttery of Third Coast Gems. He has become a huge fan of her work and has invited us onto his IGTV Live this Friday at (12pm Pacific time)
Join us - It’ll be a blast! @ThirdCoastGems on Instagram.
I will be making a brief appearance at the end to let you get a sneak peek at the multi-piece collaboration of the iconic jewelry collection of Elizabeth Taylor I am creating with S.P. Harper.  
I am developing the background through layers of mixed media, collage, and paint and she will add her signature gems on top, since she lives in Los Angeles and I am outside of Portland. 
So far we are in process with 5 of these collectible works!

My own IGTV Lives will be intermittent this Summer. Stay tuned….
With love, art and health,
De Camille
Cool Art House